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Movie Samples


Geometry Through Geography:

A Tour Around the World


Bring Books Alive Through Visualization

Podcast version of visualizing video

Phases of the Moon

Mix 'Em Up Fraction Show

Interview with a Cell

Movie Making Directions

Detailed/Visual Step by Step Powerpoint (using Magix Edit Movie Pro 15)


Detailed/Visual Step by Step PowerPoint (using Pinnacle Studio 14)


Link to Scholastic Post with Directions


Handout from Session (Word)


Linda Foote's Detailed Tutorial


Link to Top Teaching Partner Beth Newingham's Post Directions


Green Screen Tips/Suggestions


~ I have tried many programs out. As long as it has a chroma key (always mentioned on the box), it will work decently.

~ Easiest and cheapest program to use- Movie Edit Pro 15.

The cost is less than 30 dollars

~ More expensive, higher quality- Pinnacle Studio

~ Lighting counts. If you can shine a lamp on the screen, it will help with editing.

~ Most programs with a chroma key also have an adjustment scale or wheel. This will help with the quality.

~ Consider using a background that has heavy green in it (eg- a field of grass, a forest). Even the lowest quality green screen work will work with this color background.

Practice Clip to "Play" With

Green screen clip