I started off creating a lot of class movies with green screen and animated graphics through CrazyTalk, but then I realized how helpful it is to create academic podcasts for student help.

Would you like to learn how to make a podcast of your own? Read my post through Scholastic to learn more!

The Power of Podcasting!

Here are some of the tools I use to create a podcast:

a Flip Video

IShowU application (screen/audio capture)


Interwrite (to write on slides)

Microsoft Powerpoint



Need Some Help?

Latitude/Longitude Video:

Algebra Review:

Geometry Review:


Multi-Digit Multiplied by Multi-Digit Tutorial

Geometry Vocabulary-Visuals and Movement

Area and Perimeter (including various shapes)

Geometry Moves: Translations, Rotations, and Reflections

Rounding Whole Numbers and Decimals, Reading Decimals, and Reading Place Value (up to Hundred Billions)

Finding Volume

Spanish Tutorials

With the crash of our site, I only have two videos. I will try to create some new videos shortly.